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About Direct to DVD
In a Direct To DVD transfer, we do not edit out blank footage. It's simply a straight format conversion from video tape to a DVD. We encorourage you to number the tapes in the order you would like them transferred and provide a Title for each.

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You can contact us at [email protected]  where we can send you a work sheet to fill out.

 Forms of Video Tapes we transfer

VHS Tape 2-4 Hours-Video Home System developed by JVC utilizing half-inch tape, which is the most widely used video format


Super VHS 30min-2hours- A higher quality version of the VHS videotape format witha a sharper picture and resolution similiar to that of HI-8. This format is used for videographers mostly for shooting and editing.


VHS-C 45-90min- A regular VHS video Tape wound into smaller cartridges. Since the cartridge is smaller, the length of VHC/C tape is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes- though longer times can be achieved using a long play mode, the quality usually is poor compared to the faster speed. The compact tapes are inserted into your VCR using a cassette adaptor which comes with each VHS/C camera. Once  inserted, the tape plays just like any other VHS tape you ever used.


8MM Tape 30min-2hrs  Camcorders often have many of the best features found in higher priced Hi-8 units, including image stabilization , strong optical and digital zooms and innovative special effects. Regular 8mm tapes bare the exact size and shape as their Hi8 counterparts, but record video at a lower resolution level, and therefore, are less expensive than camcorders which produce better image.


Hi8 30mins-2hrs- Camcorders record their signal at about 400 lines of resolution, slightly less than MINI DV, but substantially higher than 8mm or regular VHS formats. Most often, Hi-8 camcorders record sound in Hi-fi stereo. Slight quality loss is suffered when copying or editing from Hi-8, but a better than average image is maintained. Tapes from Hi-8 camcorders generally must be played using the camera as the source, which means the user often must connect cables bto their television or VCR . Hi-8 tapes can be bought in 30,60, and 120 min lengths.


Digital 8- 45-90mins -1 hr-A format that is far superior to Hi-8 or 8mm. Sony was the first to introduce this format and has done a great job. It is backward compatible, meaning that the new Digital8 camcorders and VCR's will also play your 8mm and Hi-8 tapes. You do not have to buy special tapes to record in Digital8. A regular 8mm or Hi-8 tape will record up to 60 minutes of digital video and audio. Because of the design, using regular tapes is not a problem, but it uses twice as much tape. A 2 hour Hi-8 or 8mm tape will record 60 minutes when done in the Digital mode and record up to 500 lines of resolution.

*Important Warnings* & Additional Answers

Shelf life of your magnetic video tapes is 10 years or less before they start to go bad. Symptoms include:

  • Loss of sharpness
  • Color
  • Audio
  • May look like the tracking is off, but picture is gone
  • NOTHING can be done and it is only going to get worse.

If you are looking for a video player or camcorder to play back tapes, consider this:

  • Camcorders can be upto 25 years old.
  • VCR's such as Beta decks can be 30 years old.
  • Players now fetch huge money due to lack of inventory vs huge inventory of tapes.
  • Some players go for over $300.
  • They come usually with zero warranty. Very hard to find parts and service
  • Shelf life of players were only 5 years on average.
  •'ll spend more money and time on equipment than a professional transfer.

If you are considering trying a ' Do it yourself ' transfer, consider these facts:

  • You'll spend money on equipment, shipping, capture cards, editing software, burners & blank discs.
  • Figuring out hardware and software to capture and edit is not easy.
  • You could have 3-5 different formats, needing various players, equals more money spent.
  • Even if you have the correct setup, you only have one machine, it will take weeks, years to transfer.
  • You may have shopped locally and had expensive quotes.
  • We have 130 machines, high volume equals low pricing.
  • You have tapes that you are not sure of the content? No worries, if it's blank, no charge.
  • If the content of the tape is 'junk' you have lost out on a few bucks, that's life, but less than buying equipment.
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